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Whether it is on the bus or trains on daily commutes, laying on bed relaxing after an exhausting day’s work, or just for leisure, music has become an indispensable element in our daily lives.

With the exponential advancement in technology among portable electronics in the past decade, especially in the audio division, demand is on the rise for higher quality audio equipment.

FiiO, Astell&Kern from iRiver, Sony, and many more firms are pursuing in breaking through a new era of portable audio…

High Resolution

Though this form of audio has been in existence for the past few years already, these companies are the first to commercialize it to the larger public (especially Sony).

Especially in the Asian market in present days, High Resolution audio is vastly spreading its wings to the general public.

However, though it is easy to excavate High Definition audio formats for Western and European music, the Asian areas are closing their doors shut and keeping their customers within their own regions.

Don’t we all want our share of Asian music in high quality as well?

Well, here it is.

The aim of this blog site is to create a community like none other; a culture where dwellers consist of audio fanatics, enthusiasts, and maniacs.

**Admin will be uploading all Asian media-related torrents on NyaaTorrents and having them spread through this website and Tokyo Toshokan only.

Check their website below:

NyaaTorrents       Tokyo Toshokan

Happy downloading, and again.

Welcome to umbrellafactor Downloads


As of May 7, 2017, umbrellafactor team has concluded to migrate all uploads to NoFile.io. due to the catastrophic collapse of NyaaTorrents.
Follow our news updates from the site menu on the top right corner of our homepage for detailed information.


29 thoughts on “Welcome to umbrellafactor downloads

      1. You’re welcome,just helping community as i can. Now is the era of hi-res audio. What dap did u use,i’m usually play on pc using iriver media center.


      2. It’s a really small niche, but definitely growing so every help is much appreciated!

        I actually just started getting my hands on hi-res and don’t have a proper environment just yet (also because I’m currently a student and am a budget enthusiast haha).
        Currently using a Sony Z1000 with Neutron app lining out with ALO 3.5mm to 3.5mm mini cable to Vorzamp Pure to my TF10 with Song’s Audio Galaxy recable.


      3. looking of purchasing a new DAP in the near future though since Astell&Kern came out with their Jr. and their groundbreaking 380 (not gonna be able to afford that anytime soon…), FiiO with their second gen models, Lotoo’s 5000, etc etc. SO MANY OPTIONS


  1. Hi any chance you could provide locus by tacica? Unlike WOW4TR5 I can’t provide any links as to where to find it short of the victor HD tracks website


    1. Hello cr.
      I will be on the look, but since my resources are uploading albums at random, I cannot take requests at this time.
      Maybe I’ll hit it by chance, but it is very difficult since the upload trend is based around anime singers.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.



      1. Thanks cr!
        As mentioned to wow4tr5, we are a small community and everybody’s help is always welcomed for us to thrive.
        I’ll be torrenting lots for the next few months!


    1. As much as I would like to create a facebook fanpage, this website is a one-man operation and cannot juggle two websites at once. I do recognize that Facebook does not require much management compared to this blogging site, but at the current moment, I would like to keep this community contained within WordPress.


  2. Opeth… Cowboy Bepop… Shina Ringo… Kill la Kill themes…. man you’re pushing me to heaven! Keep up the good work! I wish they release Future Blues OST in HD some day… Do you have any other prog metal at hand? I’ve heard the HD remaster of Dream Theater’s A Dramatic Turn of Events is astounding. Cheers!


    1. This has happened before and Nyaa managed to recover in a couple of days.

      However, in such a case where they are to be down for good, we will begin uploading all torrented albums to NoFile.io one at a time.

      We hope Nyaa will come back up soon…
      Thanks for the heads up.


      1. Thanks for the share!
        Seems they’re oriented around OSTs.
        We’ve been keeping away from OSTs for a while since there were uploaders whose torrents only consisted of them, but if there is demand, we will start again.


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